International Project Group

Strategic sourcing, bulk electrical supply and material management excellence

With a strong emphasis on Australian and IEC Ex requirements, the Australian projects facility has the capability to service your projects requirements within the South East Asian region. The Australian projects group is strengthened by our International Group based in the UK with international support centres located in Houston and Dubai. With the inclusion of our Alliance partners around the globe, we provide experienced and efficient worldwide customer cover for our materials, services and solutions.

Projects Strategy – our value proposition

Our project strategy is to provide a total global solution by bringing together our group, our manufacturers and service providers experience and our systems and processes to deliver an efficient and effective supply chain solution. This is achieved by integrating all or parts of our core capabilities and relationships which are detailed within our proven project model.


Project management structure and capabilities

Our dedicated project group is structured to meet all client requirements and objectives as defined within the project supply scope. The project group’s activities are centred on three main focal points: compliance and control, procurement and administrative support. These focal points drive the group’s activities to achieve a well-executed international supply chain solution that meets our client’s expectations.

Capabilities – recent Australian projects & major awards

We are proud to have been associated with supply of product and support to many prominent Australian and international projects. In most instances supply and technical support continues throughout the construction phase of the project and well into the operational life of the asset. A full and detailed reference list is available upon request.

ProjectContractorOwnerDuration of SupplyMaterials
PNG LNGMobil PNG Gas Holdings Pty LtdMobil PNG Gas Holdings Pty Ltd2015MV power cables
PNG LNGWood Group PSNEXXON Mobil PNG Ltd2014/15LV power, instrument cables & E&I bulks
Wheatstone LNG PlantMcConnell Dowell South East AsiaChevron2014/15Cable ladder & accessories
PersephoneWood Group PSNWoodside Energy Ltd2014Temporary power & lighting equipment
Wallumbilla Compressor Station 3 (WCS3)Downer EDIAPA Group2014Electrical bulks
CIEP - Co2 Removal & Utilities ExpansionUdhe SheddenSantos2014MV & LV power cables
Wheatstone LNG PlantBechtelChevron2014LV Power, instrument cables & E&I bulks
KGP Loading Arms ProjectWood Group PSNWoodside Energy Ltd2013/14LV Power, instrument cables & E&I bulks
Bayu Udan Phase 3ConocoPhillipsConocoPhillips2013/14LV Power, instrument cables & E&I bulks
Vincent FPSO Transition ProjectWoodside Energy LtdWoodside Energy Ltd2013/14LV Power, instrument cables & E&I bulks
AWD ProgramASCRoyal Australian Navy2010/15Cable Transit Systems