Hawke PL511 Enclosures – New Range

Hawke PL511 Enclosures – New Range

Hawke PL511 Enclosures

The new Hawke PL511 range is the latest addition to the new range of GRP Increased Safety Enclosures, aimed at reducing purchase cost and installation time.  The dropped lid body design, slices through the enclosure wall, exposing the terminals and providing easy access for wiring.  This is especially important where installation space is often at a premium, and where cold offshore environments inhibit dexterity.

Molded from the latest in glass reinforced plastic material, the PL511 provides an economical alternative to traditional glass reinforced polyester enclosures, reducing weight and cost whilst maintaining the material strength characteristics required for harsh and hazardous locations.

Approved by

Area ClassificationZone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21 & Zone 22
Certification / ApprovalsEx II 2 GD Exe IIC Gb, Extb IIIC Db
Type ApprovalsBaseefa 14ATEX0268X & IECEx BAS 14.0123X
Colour & TemperatureNatural Black : T6 40C, optional T5 with ambients up to 65C
Ingress protection ratingIP66 to IEC/EN 60529
MaterialGlass Reinforced Plastic
Operating Temperature-60C to +75C
Supplied with: 1 x M20B, 2 x M20 C, 1 X M20 D