Product News – QUINT4 Power Supply for Range below 100 W

April 19, 2018

Product News – QUINT4 Power Supply for Range below 100 W

 Small strongest output, most robust input, preventive functionality


MacLean Electrical introduces the latest and most space saving addition to the Phoenix Contact power supply range.  For the first time, Phoenix Contact’s QUINT4 power supply is offering a superior system with a combination of preventive function monitoring and exceptional power reserves at the smallest size.

Available from MacLean Electrical in the power range up to 100W, the dynamic boost can be used to supply up to 200% of the nominal current for 5 seconds to start up heavy loads. For 1.3 A and 2.5 A devices, a static boost continuously providing up to 125% of the nominal current is also available to easily extend the system. Preventive function monitoring provides early warning for system-specific, critical operating states before faults occur. Selectable power thresholds or DC OK signaling enable output parameter monitoring that is adapted to the application.

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