Product News – FibreEx Connector from Hawke International

July 3, 2018

Product News – FibreEx Connector from Hawke International

In an increasingly digital age where computers are capable of more than we could previously imagine, one trend has become clear.  Businesses and consumers need to process more data than ever before – at lightning fast speeds.  However, the question of harnessing this technology safely in hazardous areas has been a contentious one.  For too long, a common industry belief has been that if you use fibre optics in Hazardous Areas, then you are playing it safe.  You’re not.  Fibre optic radiation actually poses a serious ignition risk in Ex applications.

That’s why Hawke have designed their new FibreEx Connector to utilise two of the three protection concepts outlined in the 2015 IEC 60079-28 standard.

The FibreEx range combines Hawke’s extensive experience in hazardous environments with specialist knowledge of Fibre Optic technology to safely bring power of Fibre Technology to Ex environments.

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