EXpress Solutions

EXpress Solutions from MacLean Electrical 

EXpress Solutions is our comprehensive offer of hazardous area certified and Industrial enclosures and junction box solutions customised to meet your specific requirements. Once all technical parameters are confirmed fast turnaround and delivery is achievable given our local assembly capability, stock holding and expertise.

Our offer from trusted brands gives our customers a quality product which meets the criteria of specification, long term value and performance with equipment designed to meet the rigours of extreme conditions and environments.

MacLean Electrical has available customised enclosures in a range of sizes and materials all with customised entries and modular terminals, markers, labels and accessories. This includes:

Our assembly service is provided under close scrutiny of our Lloyds Register ISO 9001:2015 quality program and under the tight controls of IEC Ex certification for hazardous areas.

Printing Services

The labelling and marking within an industrial facility must be professional and standardised: this is a basic requirement for operating the facility safely and correctly.

Custom Terminal Markers

Utilising the latest printer technology, MacLean Electrical can provide you with in-house printing of terminal markers. The Multicard concept is the standard for modern, innovative identification and marking system and offers you markers to suit all terminals.  In addition, pre-printed standard DEKAFIX cards are in stock and provide convenience of rapid installation of strips of  sequential numbers.

Laser Cut & Engraved Labels

For all custom electrical switchboard label requirements, MacLean Electrical utilises the most recent software and laser technology to provide labels from stainless steel and engraving laminates (plastics) available in a range of sizes and colours.