Cost effective way of changing from HP sodium lamps to LED technology

June 23, 2016

Cost effective way of changing from HP sodium lamps to LED technology

Chalmit has introduced an LED well-glass lamp that can be retrofitted onto the traditional Eclipse base, making for an easy and low cost conversion from high pressure sodium lamps to the very latest LED technology.

The new product, the Eclipse II is a Zone 2 LED well-glass with an output up to 15640lm lumens.
Utilising the very latest LED technology, this 120,000 hour, highly energy efficient luminaire has been designed to make installation quick and simple as well as being highly suited to the environment in which it will be fitted.

It has a lightweight corrosion resistant aluminium body, heat resistant glass and stainless steel fasteners.
It has been tested to IP66 and is suitable for use in harsh environments.
The protection is Ex nA, incorporating an LED lamp chamber, a non-sparking control gear and terminal housing.

An attribute of the design is that it removes the need for special cable or cable glands. The lamp glass has a screwed thread for quick access.
The control gear housing hinges on the mounting and termination cover, and is held in position by a single screw barrel nut.

This nut allows easy access and closure of the luminaire during installation and whenever maintenance is required.
There is a range of wall, surface and stanchion mountings which may be integrated in the design. An enclosed reflector for high bay applications is also available.

A range of external reflectors are available to direct light efficiently

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